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Our course solutions are designed around four domains of expertise, the foundation for great performance and to progress as a leader.
Leadership & Management
Business Accelerators
Intercultural Management as Akteos Asia
Function Specific

Leadership & Management

Developing strong managers and leaders who inspire teams to excel.

Business Accelerators

Developing breakthrough skills & know how to make quantum leaps in terms of business performance. These are game changers.

Function Specific

Increasing the impact of a specific function by becoming champions in their field and by growing into a more strategic pillar of the business.

Intercultural Management as Akteos Asia

Developing successful, competitive and effective employees and leaders in a complex, multicultural, globalized business environment.

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Ready-to-Deploy & Bespoke Courses

All topics can be customized to fit your requirements regarding content (localization, industry, focus), format (workshop, coaching, blended learning, etc.) and skill level (junior to senior).

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Popular Topics

Achieving Outstanding Success Through Management & Leadership

Whether you are an existing supervisor or just have been promoted to this position, this training will provide you with a foundation of core supervisory knowledge and skills to succeed in your role.

Increase skill & knowledge of successful techniques for managing others.
• Motivate yourself and others to perform at the best of your abilities.
• Provide others with effective feedback in a confident and competent manner.
• Gain strategies to handle conflicts and de-escalate disputes.
• Communicate effectively across a variety of different business functions and seniorities.

The Science of Influence and Persuasion for Leaders

With the increasing complexity and diversity of the corporate global melting pot, the need for communication expertise and sophistication has become critical to success in the workplace. It is now of paramount importance to practice and combine the latest research on communication theory and influence techniques in a practical way to get desired actions and responses effectively and efficiently.

Increase skill & knowledge of successful techniques for managing others.
• Motivate yourself and others to perform at the best of your abilities.
• Provide others with effective feedback in a confident and competent manner.
• Gain strategies to handle conflicts and de-escalate disputes.
• Communicate effectively across a variety of different business functions and seniorities.

Outstanding Communication & Presentation Training to results

With the global melting pot becoming ever larger, there is an ever-growing need to bridge gaps in communication differences between teams, hierarchies, generations, corporate cultures and national cultures.

Communicate effectively across a variety of different business functions and seniorities.
• Skills to communicate globally and cross-culturally.
• Increased knowledge of successful, tried and tested communication methods and techniques.
• Increased ability to communicate messages as intended using a range of communication methods.
• Executives who are required to communicate important messages as intended to individuals, in-group meetings, in presentations and publically.
• Executives and managers with a variety of written, verbal and visual communication business needs.
• Executives and managers who are seeking excellence in communicating both inter-personally and intra-personally in Asia.

Coaching & Mentoring Skills for Leading in the Workplace

Gain the latest practical knowledge of coaching skills, techniques & processes. Grow professionally by learning new leadership behaviours and advancing career opportunities through an ability to behave and lead others in a coaching style.

Identify the difference between coaching and mentoring
• Increase your expertise in implementing successful and structured coaching and mentoring sessions
• Learn how to use a general coaching style to manage, motivate and increase the performance of others in the workplace & create positive business results
• Enhance understanding and relationships in interactions with clients, peers and superiors by using coaching methods & behaviour.

Innovation: Methodologies and skills for a practical return on creativity

Our multi-awarded innovation training and methodology will take you through the steps of a successful innovation process explaining the conditions needed to move from a true open-minded creativity phase into the practical implementation phase aiming to achieve actual results.

• Reinforce creativity and build further towards practical new and innovative business projects.
• Give individual and a team sense of initiative in Asia.
• Improve the products and service provided to clients.
• There is high internal visibility for the stakeholders.
• Note: INNOVATION topic is excellent for a “smart” team-building event (adding personal development benefits on top on team bonding)

Taking Initiative: Proactivity, Accountability and Problem solving

Taking initiative is an invisible and elusive skill. This training will make this skill accessible by exploring the science behind it and learning the habits that can be mastered.

• Develop Personal Initiative (PI) as a work behaviour that is self-starting and proactive, and help you to be goal focused.
• Create ownership and motivation to accomplish more.
• Automatically take initiative using structured steps and eliminating fear of failure.
• Increase your value to your teams, departments and organisation.
• Avoid procrastination caused by the ‘fear of the unknown’.

Getting the Right Work Done

A new way of living and working requires a new look at prioritizing and individual productivity. This training explores methods to improve your strategic thinking of current priorities and ways of working to make the best use of every waking (and non-waking) hour, minute and second that you have available every day.

• Achieve personally more of the work that matters most to you
• Increase your role and impact in the workplace for your own benefits and the benefits of others
• Use Inspirational and collaborative habits & behaviours to create engagement internally (with colleagues, employees & bosses) and externally (clients, customers).
• Determine, create and Implement powerful goals and action plans… stick to them with ease to make changes back in the workplace.

Strategic thinking

The success of today’s business enterprise depends, in part, on employees’ willingness and ability to look at complex and often conflicting information & data, analyzing that information from the perspective of different stakeholders, and drawing sound conclusions. Strategic thinking is a cognitive process for assimilating data, analyzing complexity, and drawing correct conclusions about a situation, a desired future, and a plan for how best to proceed. It is a way of thinking that contributes to better business.

• Develop a strategic thinking mind-set that helps practicing mindfulness when handling pressure of big decisions, procrastination and the emotional change curve.
• Recognize thinking habits and biases that work for you and against you and learn to control your unconscious bias.
• Apply the best practice strategic thinking skills that yield perspectives, insights, and opportunities and reframe strategic questions to increase options.

The Science of Influence and Persuasion for Sales

Get what you want from others through bartering and negotiation, these are the core behavioral skills in a competitive B2B business environment and invaluable for modern sales people. You will gain expertise of sales and successful negotiations at to all business functions and levels of seniority together with the psychological techniques most commonly used for influence and persuasion.

• Handling sales indecision to move the sales process to the next stage.
• Combat sales inertia to accelerate the pace of decisions
• Influence others ethically to make the decision that’s right for you and for them and
• Present your ideas products and services and create an impact ‘client/customer/audience’ to show products and services in the best light
• Decide on your sales personality and adapt what works and when through Insight Sales
• Communicate your most important sales messages so they are understood as you intended

The Making of Sales Champions

Sales Managers and business leaders want to support their team’s development whilst still being able to demonstrate a tangible ROI. We believe that Sales Training can only make a difference to performance when combined with an accurate and thorough pre-assessment, follow-up sales coaching and monitoring of sales performance linked to KPI attainment.

• Convert salespeople who are merely selling their products or services into effective sales professionals.
• Helping salespeople become solution providers and problem solvers who can challenge their clients and recommend what’s most relevant to them.
• Introduce and reinforce prospecting techniques, one-on-one selling, closing techniques, and positive projection to create an impeccable impression.

Critical skills for effective Recruitment

Gain the most efficient recruitment techniques for Asia from professional trainers who are certified recruiters, trainers and ICF accredited coaches. Compete for the best candidates in the highly candidate-driven Asian business environment and provide corporate clients with an outstanding recruitment service.

• Advocate for clients and candidates and present them in the best light.
• Effectively and ethically influence client and candidate decision making.
• Overcome and adapt to the Intercultural limitations and pitfalls that harm successful recruiting.
• Explore and learn what ‘best in class’ companies are doing the expectations on the modern recruiter’s role and the top success factors to recruit in Asia.
• Successfully navigate the intricate nature of the Asia talent market and the impact it has on recruitment processes.
• Digging deep during candidate interviews by using ‘powerful questions’ and ‘killer questions’ to gain the full picture of candidates.
• Use the key skills and models needed to conduct professional and effective interviews that identify and (interpreting) candidate behaviour in Asia.

Customer Service Excellence

In the competitive international luxury brand segment, guests & customers expect a very high standard of service quality. Exceeding the customer’s expectations is what brands expect their outlet representatives should be delivering on a daily basis.

In order to develop and maintain the skills needed for providing excellent quality of service, outlets have developed precise service guidelines for employees to follow. To implement these guidelines effectively and consistently, employees must develop the personal development skills and behaviors to put them into practice.

This customer service excellence training aims at providing employees with the mindset, habits and specific skill-set that must go beyond standardized service guidelines in order to consistently exceed customer expectations.

• Understand how to create and manage strong relationships by unlocking the psychological elements which impact excellent service and explore the practical steps to form good work habits in a service excellence frame of mind.
• Increase pro-activity and learn successful techniques how to provide outstanding service to a demanding clientele.
• Maximize the relationships with customers from different cultural backgrounds by understanding the cultural impact on service encounters with international customers including understanding cultural codes.

Working successfully in a multicultural environment

Significantly improve effectiveness in professional relationships with foreign contacts, enabling to be operational right from the start. Understand the culture of the people with whom they interact professionally. Be aware of own cultural preferences. Analyze possible situations in which misunderstandings may arise and identify ways of improving communication.

• Understand the culture of the people with whom they interact professionally
• Be aware of their own cultural preferences
• Analyse possible situations in which misunderstandings may arise and identify ways of improving communication
• Making the most of cultural differences and the added value they generate
• Reduce stress and misunderstandings in a cross- cultural environment
• Successfully work within a multicultural environment

Working successfully in South East Asia

Improve your intercultural business skills and knowledge on successfully working in, or with people from, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines, and Vietnam. Our expert trainers will share their experience and knowledge of the cultural challenges of doing business in Southeast Asia (SEA) and help you leverage intercultural skills and strategies to increase your business impact in the region and with SEA counterparts.

• Understand the background and cultural values of the SEA countries that you deal with
• Be aware of your preferred working style based on an individual Cultural Profile
• Identify the cultural gaps between yourself and your SEA counterparts and the impact this could have on your business dealings
• Develop strategies to adapt your communication and management style to the specific (business) culture
• Understand the impact of cultural differences on business aspects such as decision-making, delegation, running meetings, negotiation etc.
• Build and maintain your professional relationships with any stakeholder (colleagues, clients, suppliers etc.) in the SEA region

The challenge of remote/virtual teams

In today’s business world, it is more the rule than the exception to be part of at least one team that is dispersed across continents. Without the option to easily connect during so-called watercooler moments or build trust based on face-to-face meetings, greater efforts are needed to achieve real teamwork in virtual (remote) teams. Challenges are augmented by cultural differences in communication styles and working practices which can increase misunderstandings and cause a loss of efficiency, if not managed properly. This course helps you to become aware of the unique challenges that virtual teams face and aims to support both managers and team members with tools to improve overall team performance.

• Leverage the benefits and manage the challenges of working with/in a virtual team
• Understand and minimise potential cross-cultural misunderstandings
• Effectively build relationships, trust and influence in a virtual (multicultural) team
• Organise and optimise remote processes and ways of working
• Improve remote communication by using the right tools for the right purpose

Diversity & Inclusion

Build and execute a Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) vision and strategy in the company.

• Understand the relevant Asian legal frameworks
• Develop an integrated approach of diversity with the concept of inclusion
• Shift culture: create an atmosphere of openness and inclusion
• Resolve diversity-related conflicts
• Attract and retain best talents Leverage diversity-related opportunities

Bringing excellence and care

“All the techniques we learnt are important, complementary and useful for different occasions. The impact and results of applying these techniques will be felt in short term and the long term.”
“I actually quite like it because it is easy to use, easy to assess and it is very convenient for me and the users who use it.”
“The best part of this follow up is to be able to come back at anytime, recheck some content that we might have forgotten the information about, or always having this information accessible anywhere at anytime.”

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