Combination of face-to-face AND DIGITAL TRAINING

Customized Blended Learning Journey

Blended training is considered the most effective learning method. It is more than just blending classroom sessions with digital content.

It is a skills development solution combining two approaches to ensure the optimal balance for the maximum impact on your business performance.
Adapted to your environment
Adapted to your requirements

Your end-to-end partner for blended training success

The most effective learning method

Blended Learning leverages the strengths of face-to-face learning and digital training on multiple levels and is supporting today’s learning reality.

The 70 – 20 – 10 rule

Apply acquired skills and practice

Prepare, practice and revise anywhere, anytime, on any device. Apply your acquired skills in sessions with your trainer and get immediate feedback also from your peers.

Timeo-Performance – Your end-to-end partner for

Blended training success

Our services ensure smooth integration, high learner engagement and meaningful performance measurement.

We are experts in creating customized blended learning journeys. We close skills gaps.

We connect with your team to help identify and develop the skills you need to succeed.
We deliver an integrated and customised training experience to maximise learner engagement.
We measure your Return on Investment. We define, set-up and analyze KPIs to measure the success.

Start now

Get in touch with our experts to create your creating customized blended learning journeys and develope your team skills.

Bringing excellence and care


of learners
90% of learners feel that they can directly apply in their job what they have learned.


of learners
100% of learners completed the learning journey and received their certificates.


Average connection rate
36x average connection rate of learners to the digital learning platform within the 12-week journey.
Increased customer service satisfaction and overall team effectiveness.
Longer learning time since the introduction of the digital learning path in 2018.
High engagement and satisfaction rates were measured leading to a tangible impact on the team’s performance.
“All the techniques we learnt are important, complementary and useful for different occasions. The impact and results of applying these techniques will be felt in short term and the long term.”
“I actually quite like it because it is easy to use, easy to assess and it is very convenient for me and the users who use it.”
“The best is the preparation before the classroom training and helped me prepare before hand.”
“The experience has been really good especially the point on the digital platform that makes you want to complete it in a lesser time.”
“The best part of this follow up is to be able to come back at anytime, recheck some content that we might have forgotten the information about, or always having this information accessible anywhere at anytime.”

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