Let's be good together

The story of our Enso

In Zen Buddhism, the Enso represents enlightenment, strength, and the universe, drawn as a circle in one uninhibited brushstroke.
This symbol encapsulates the idea of completeness and the endless possibility of skill and mastery. It illustrates the ongoing journey of improvement and the circle of learning and growth.

Much like the Enso, we believe that each individual possesses the potential for enlightenment and excellence in their respective fields. Our commitment is to help you complete your circle, to be 'good' at what you do, thus making the world a more harmonious place.

Let's draw our Enso circles, let's be good together.
The world is a better place when people are good at what they do.

We provide solutions for increased performance of companies,
teams and individuals.

Recruitment & Executive Search

An exceptional, personalised and comprehensive recruitment service

We ensure the perfect fit for clients and candidates with a long-term engagement for both. Recruiting at all levels of seniority and for all industries, we support you across the APAC region.

Timeo-Executive Search & Timeo-Express
Regional Talent Mapping & Assessment
Career Coaching
Get the right people with our exceptional, personalized and comprehensive recruitment service.

Coaching, Training & Workshops

Delivery of tailor-made training and blended learning programs

Timeo-Performance is a training and talent development consultancy with experience in the design and delivery of tailor-made training and blended learning programs, including assessments, individual coaching, focus groups, workshops, webinars, digital learning and certifications. In-company training or multi-company training (Public courses).

Leadership & Management
Business Skills
Executive Coaching
Function (Sales, Recruitment…)
Intercultural Management
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Corporate Training & Public Courses to create leaders, managers and employees who are good at what they do.

Management & HR Performance

Our team helps you identify your needs to boost your performance.

Unique expertise, solutions and tools to develop Innovation, increase productivity, facilitate culture change.

Innovation Programs
Productivity Management
Tools for Performance
Teams Assessments
Management Audit
Improved performance with solutions for Innovation, Productivity, Change Management and more.

Meet the management team

Isabelle Larche
Managing Director,
Recruitment & Executive Search
Isabelle is a Human Performance expert with over 25 years’ experience with an expertise in assessing local talents who would fit in multicultural environments.
Fabien Mailhe
Managing Director,
Business & HR Performance
Fabien is an expert in Business Management Consulting, Human Performance and Change Management with over 25 years of experience in business consulting.
Eric Tan
Recruitment Director,
Timeo-Express APAC
Eric is a seasoned recruiter with around 12 years of recruiting experience covering corporate function roles across various industries.
Alex Lanjri
Training & Workshops
Alex is a learning and development expert, with professional experience in leading MNC’s across Europe and Asia, and has worked with Apple, Samsung and Nokia.
We were founded with a vision to improve the world of work for everyone.
Founded in Singapore, and quickly establishes itself as a trusted provider of Human Performance solutions for companies in Asia.
The team moves into their new downtown office at 138 Cecil Street, featuring larger dedicated training and interview facilities.

ExecBoardinAsia is launched to meet the job search needs of top executives in Asia by curating high-level positions across the region.


Timeo-Performance and Akteos form the joint venture Akteos Asia to bring the leading brand of intercultural training to the region.


A joint Timeo-Performance & Akteos Asia office is established in Kuala Lumpur to meet the growing needs of clients in Malaysia.


Quantum growth: new office with an enhanced training center, subsidiary in Hong Kong, new digital learning solutions.


Partnership news: As the strategic partner for CrossKnowledge in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia, Timeo-Performance brings multi-award winning digital learning solutions to the region.


Launch of the Skills Factory by Timeo-Performance. This exciting digital environment offers Ready-to-deploy Digital Training Paths and Customized Blended Learning Journeys.


Won 2 prestigious Brandon Hall Group awards for 'Best Unique or Innovative Leadership Programme' and 'Best use of a Blended Learning Programme'.


Continuously striving for global excellence, Timeo-Performance inaugurates a new office in Paris.

Our Brands & Partners

The Skills Factory by Timeo-Performance
Timeo-Performance offers blended learning journeys (digital + face-to-face training sessions) and 100% digital training paths. Have access to world-class faculty anywhere, anytime, on any device. The Skills Factory by Timeo-Performance is powered by world-leading digital learning solutions provider CrossKnowledge.
Timeo-Performance is the Strategic Partner for CrossKnowledge, one of the world’s leading digital learning providers. We bring multi-award-winning digital learning solutions with over 20,000 learning objects from worldwide top facility thought leaders to the region.
International Coaching Federation
Our coaches are members of the International Coaching Federation, the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession. Coaching is integral part of our training. It combines challenging and probing questioning with a supportive and positive atmosphere to gain individual commitment and ensure self-directed change.

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