The World is a better place when people are good at what they do.
Let’s be good, together

The world is a better place when people are good at what they do.
Let's be good together.

Through recruitment, leadership coaching, and consulting,
Timeo-Performance is dedicated to accelerating and sustaining business success in Asia-Pacific by empowering teams and individuals to be good at what they do.

The Skills Factory
for your Performance
in Asia since 2008

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Get the right people with our exceptional, personalized and comprehensive
recruitment service.

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Leadership Coaching, Training & Public Courses to create leaders, managers and employees who will achieve excellence at work.

Management & HR Performance

Improved performance with solutions for Innovation, Productivity, Change Management
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Recruitment services

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Our certified recruitment team is ready to assist you with your recruitment needs in Asia-Pacific.

Get the right people with our exceptional, personalized and comprehensive recruitment service.
All functions and industries
Covering Asia and beyond
Strong focus on cultural fit

Are you looking for a job in Asia?

Check out our user-friendly job search portal for Young Professionals to Top Management job vacancies.

Do not hesitate to search beyond your traditional background as many employers are open to hiring candidates from a more diverse career background who can make a difference to their team.

We are committed to improve the world of work for everyone ! Come and join our Asia talent pool.
Established companies to promising start-ups
Wide range of opportunities
Anywhere. Anytime. Any device.
The Skills You Need to Succeed

Our solution to your learning success

The skills you need to succeed, thanks to Timeo-Performance’s digital and blended learning experience.

Brandon Hall HCM Excellence Awards winners 2022

TIMEO-PERFORMANCE won 2 coveted Brandon Hall Group awards for excellence in the Leadership Development category & in the Learning and Development category for ‘Best Unique or Innovative Leadership Programme’ & ‘Best use of a Blended Learning Programme’ in 2022.

Title: Best Use of a Blended Learning Program
Programme :  Hybrid manager: Leading teams towards high performance and well-being
Programme area :
  Learning & Development

Title: Best Unique or Innovative Leadership Programme: Unleash the Great Coach Within You- Coaching Masterclass
Programme area: Leadership Development


Unleash the great coach within you

A Masterclass designed for and with Leaders, Managers and Coaches across the globe, with Master Coach Jean-François Cousin.

We gathered insights and expectations from over 200 leaders from all backgrounds.

7-Week Masterclass with limited seats.
From May 20th 2024 to July 09th 2024.
100% Online Social Learning with Live Interactive Classroom Sessions
ICF approved: 8 CCE Units
Team of coaches
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They put their trust in us

And it worked well. We built their high-performing teams in Asia-Pacific.
20 years of best practices and experience
Born and raised in Asia, Timeo–Performance and its multicultural team brings over 20 years of best practices and practical experience of successful HR initiatives in the region.
Feel the experience
Highest quality, proximity, pragmatism and energy define how we work. ‘Get Results’ is what motivates us and what we do.
Helen L.
VP HR Asia
“Timeo-Performance understood our need and proposed a highly qualified trainer that was perfectly fitting to our company culture. They supported us in achieving a key milestone in our journey to strengthen impact in a very diverse environment. Thanks!”
Beate Z.
Managing Director, Germany
“You have provided a very professional service, taken time to assess our requirements and to ensure that the candidates suit the needs of our business. The quality and response speed was truly remarkable.”
Thiansutham S.
Managing Director, Thailand
“Your professionalism and good understanding are highly appreciated. Timeo-Performance is the best Executive Recruitment Firm I have ever worked with. My hat is open for you and Sarah. For sure, will recommend your company to every one I know.”