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Unleash the Great Coach Within You

7-Week Masterclass: From Jan. 8th to Feb. 28th 2020 | 100% Online
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Timeo-Performance has built the most effective learning experience and for the very first time, gives you access to the exclusive methodology and content from renowned global Executive Coach and Trainer, Mr Jean-François Cousin, a Master Certified Coach, global speaker, internationally published author and the 2019 Chairman of the Global Board of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Jean-François Cousin is now ready to share his secrets from over 10,000 hours of coaching experience with the world. Along this 7-week programme, benefit from Jean-François’ wise insights, demonstrations and the many practical tips and templates that he will share with you… and unleash the Great Coach within!

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A 7-Week Masterclass

Jan. 8th to Feb. 28th 2020

Live Webinars with Jean-François

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Meet your Master Coach

Jean-François Cousin is a renowned global executive coach and coach trainer with over 10,000 coaching-hour experience.

In the wake of a career in management around the world with a Fortune-500 company, Jean-François Cousin became a global executive coach. His coaching career led him to travel to 35 countries and 5 continents to coach over 800 executives from 50 nationalities, and dozens of executive teams. He coaches CEOs, Region and Country Presidents and Board Members across the globe

He is credentialed as a ‘Master Certified Coach’ by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the highest distinction in the profession, and he has taught coaching skills to thousands of coaches and managers around the world. Jean-François is a global speaker and an internationally published author.

He is also the 2019 Chairman of the Global Board of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

What you will learn in this Masterclass

  • Why coaching matters and what it will do for you
  • How you can as a coach help people to think at their best and develop their leadership style
  • The core coaching-skills to enable solid progress
  • How to handle resistance to coaching
  • An effective framework for a coaching session
  • How to elevate your leadership with coaching skills and unleash greatness in your organization

“My masterclass isn’t just about coaching in business, it’s a personal journey too! We are going to reflect about who you are and who you can be, about your values, your mindset, your talents, and how you can leverage that all to grow further into becoming a highly effective coach and then an even more effective leader… You are going to experiment new ways of being with others, new tools to employ, and as a result, you will enjoy much more productive relationships with others, at work and in life. Oh, and you are going to have fun all the way!”


Jean-François Cousin


Approx. 8 hours of training over 7 weeks

Week 1 – What coaching is, why it matters,
and what it will do for you

  • The most effective ways to learn new behaviors or improve
  • What helps people think at their best and take ownership of their
    developmental opportunities
  • The aim of coaching, its benefits and its boundaries
  • How coaching will help you become an even better leader

Week 2 – Set yourself up for success as a coach

  • How you need to BE and what you need to DO as a coach,
    to help people to think at their best
  • How to prepare yourself to be fully present all along a
    coaching session
  • How you can ensure that people feel safe, handle
    confidentiality and build trust

Week 3 – Three core coaching-skills to trigger great thinking and mid-way Live-Webinar with Jean-Francois Cousin in two different time-zones

  • How to actively listen to people ‘at a deeper level’
  • How to use the ‘power’ of silence
  • How to craft questions that trigger new thinking
  • Mid-way Live-Webinar (1 hour): How ICF core-competencies can help you enhance your effectiveness as a coach & Q&A

Week 4 – Ensure solid and sustainable progress by your coachee

  • How to design realistic, motivating actions and build
  • How to conclude a session in an uplifting manner
  • How to handle resistant coachees or difficult cases

Week 5 – A framework for a coaching session
and a coaching demo

  • How you can use a framework for a coaching session
  • Coaching demonstration
  • Learn questions to ask at each step of the framework for a
    coaching session

Week 6 – Insights and tips, and embedding
coaching skills in your leadership

  • Insights and tips harvested over his over 10,000 coaching hour experience

with Jean-François Cousin himself in two different time zones

Choose between 2 Live Webinars to conveniently cover all global timezones wherever you are.

18th February 2020
Session 1: 8am (China/SGT) | 9am (JST) | 11am (AEDT)
Session 2: 7am (USA – EST) |12pm (GMT / UTC) | 5.30pm (IST)