Top Reads Of The Week: The Paradigm Shift

“Times and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim constantly focused on the future.” -Walt Disney

Walt Disney couldn’t have said it any better. In just a span of half a year, so much have changed and there is no doubt things will keep on changing until the dust settles and even then, no one can predict what the future will look like. But this is not the time to succumb and crumble my fellow professionals, what we are going through now is a natural phenomenon of change.

We are going through, a Paradigm Shift.

Yes, I know, times are difficult for many. Uncertainty of what will happen in the near future, as well as uncomfortable situations, plague us like never before. But we have to begin to learn and accept that for us to grow even bigger as businesses and more importantly, as humans beings, changes have to happen. That is what makes us strong and motivates us to keep on searching for every opportunity to strive and break free from our comfort zone.

This week, let’s dive in and understand what a paradigm shift is and how we can embrace and use it to our advantage to come out victorious when the new normal enters us at full force.

What is a Paradigm Shift?

The concept of “paradigm shift” originates from the field of science by the American physicist and philosopher Thomas Kuhn. He believes that a normal will be disrupted when new elements and changes occur, ultimately creating a new normal. This is exactly what we are going through right now at the recovery stage of the recent pandemic.

The COVID-19 Paradigm Shift – From Values To Careers To Whole Economies

Now that we know how the revolution of a paradigm shift works, this article allows us to dive deeper into the business perspective of the phenomena and how we can and should identify and take the wheel from here on out.

Who will be the Winners in a Post-Pandemic Economy?

Thus, the inevitable has happened and it is up to us to decide what happens next. The past is gone, the future is uncertain but what we currently have now is the present. Take control of our respective organizations and steer the ship to where we want it to be heading. Stay resilient and re-evaluate our vision and we will emerge as winners in the days to come.


Against All Odds – Elon Musk (Motivational Video)

Wow, it took me a while to recollect myself after this video. I did not expect a rollercoaster of emotions while watching a 7-minute video. Truly a motivational one this week and I would recommend everyone to take time and watch the struggles Elon Musk faced before becoming the successful business person he is today. It might just be the “pick-me-up” we need while going through the paradigm shift we face today. Have a great weekend ahead and never stop striving for success!

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