Top Reads Of The Week Special: Vesak Day: Enlightening Leadership

In light of celebrating Vesak Day this week, I would like to highlight the importance of practicing good leadership. But before diving in, let me enlighten you with the history of Vesak Day, how it’s celebrated, and why Gautama Buddha, the historical figure in Buddhism that represents philosophical teachings and exceptional leadership, should be an inspiration to every leader out there.

Celebrated on the first moon in May, Vesak Day is a commemoration of the birth, enlightenment as well as the death of Siddartha Gautama, more widely known as Buddha worldwide.

In the 5th century B.C, Siddartha Gautama was born into a wealthy royal family in present-day Nepal. Being a prince, he has always lived a lavish and easy life and was never exposed to the hardship of those living outside his palace. But everything changed when he saw what was beyond his castle walls.

He instantly dropped everything that he had and immersed himself in poverty, just to know what it feels like for the everyday people in his kingdom. Even though it was difficult for him, it still did not satisfy his curiosity and the desire to experience more. Thus he came up with one of the most simple but inspiring ways of life. The middle way. A balanced path, walking on neither extremes. I think many leaders can take this as a lesson, of understanding and unbiasedness when leading, whether it is in the workplace or the outside world in general.

His legacy and teachings carry on to this day with 470 million followers all over the world. This Vesak Day, countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Laos, South Korea as well as China all come together to visit temples, light incense sticks, and candles, as well as offer sweet treats on statues of Buddha. Followers also abstain from eating meat on this day, wear white clothing, and free caged birds as a symbol of compassion and empathy for all living things.

Let us find out more about how we can enhance the leaders in all of us with the articles I have to share with you today.

The Key to Inclusive Leadership

Feeling included and important is a key factor for employees into bringing organizations to a higher level of success. Who better to compliment them and make them feel respected and cherished than leaders! And when employees feel appreciated, they will feel obliged to contribute more and in turn produce their best efforts in the task at hand. A win-win for everyone.

4 New Trends in Leadership to Watch in 2020

Just like everything we go through in life, change is inevitable. And leadership is no exception. As the years go by, many changes need to be done so that leadership can adapt and go hand in hand with everyone around us. Keeping up to date is optimal for you and your organization, so here are 4 new trends in leadership for the new decade.

How to know if Your Humility has Gone Too Far

There is no denying, times are hard with all that’s happening around us currently. Even more so for leaders who need to make harsh but critical decisions for the survival of respective organizations. In turn, we might turn a blind eye to our own humility and how we treat others. A good leader should be strong but humble. Read on to find out more.


How To Be A Leader – Motivational Speech By Simon Sinek

As we go through the hustle and bustle of our busy professional lives, we sometimes forget what it means to be a good leader. So it might be a good idea to take time and re-evaluate the things that might need our attention, from our co-workers to the method or way we approach situations. Leadership is, after all, a choice.

This week, I would like to recommend a short video, but nevertheless, an important one. A good 8-minute video to awaken our passion as leaders and remember how much our leadership contributes to those around us. Simon Sinek has always been a great motivational speaker, so sit back, relax, and reignite those flames that define leadership.

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