Top Reads of the Week - Lead Your Time and People Well: Tips on Productivity and Lessons on Leadership

24 hours a day – the same amount of time for everyone, no matter your age, race or gender. How is it that some can achieve so much more within their life time (think of Bill Gates, Angela Merkel), while others seem to fall behind? One critical aspect would be what they do with their time. Those who are intentional with their time and energy are often those with a desire for growth and strive to be effective in all that they do. They carefully allocate their limited resources of time and energy to achieve the maximum impact with the same (or even less) effort.

In fact, I would say that these people understand what personal leadership is. They take responsibility for all aspects of their lives, own it and lead it towards what they have envisioned it to be.

But, what exactly is leadership? Some may mistake the title, hierarchy (having power over others) or a set of traits (assertiveness, charismatic etc) as what constitutes “leadership”. In actual fact, leadership can be as simple as taking initiative in a situation, or influencing others to maximise their efforts and attain a goal together. If you desire to lead your own time and your people well, here are four articles to help understand how to manage your priorities (time management and productivity); how to plan a workflow suitable for the summer; why leaders need confidence, courage, connectedness and courage to become great and finally, negative examples of motivating your team (and to learn how to do it).

Do you want to learn how to get the right work done? Or learn the Science of powerful habits for top performers? Timeo-Performance’s customised corporate training courses are a great way to do so. Examples of our content include how to handle your biggest time wasters, prioritising, planning and organising and building helpful habits. Get in contact with us here.  

Dana Brownlee, a corporate trainer and time management expert, guides your journey to being productive with these four questions accompanied with a sharing of her personal experience and personal tips.

As a recruiter, you are often pressured to constantly be productive so that candidates don’t slip through. But as summer approaches, candidates go on holiday and colleagues are on leave, how do you ensure you do not lose momentum?  Here are 5 concrete action steps you can take to make sure your candidate pipeline is growing and not trickling away even in summer season.

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What makes a leader great? Peter Bregman argues that they are self-confident, socially connected, committed to a purpose and have emotional courage. Read on to find out why and see if you agree.

Can compliments be offensive? What kind of recognition efforts can backfire? Ron Carruci shares about three of the most offensive forms of motivating he’s seen managers employ, and three alternative approaches he’s seen work wonderfully.

BONUS: Strive For 5 - Leadership Nudge 213 - With David Marquet

David shows us the sweet spot on the Ladder of Leadership® where you can maximize the balance between clarity and control.

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