The Pygmalion Effect: The Secret Key To Success

What exactly is this Pygmalion Effect? And how does it affect performance and leadership in the workplace?

Do you believe that a good leader who motivates and praises his team leads to better successes as compared to a leader who is always negative? Well, if you do, then that is the basic concept of the Pygmalion Effect.

The Pygmalion Effect is a real phenomenon where other’s expectations of a target group or individual directly affect their performance. The name derives from an old Ovid narrative where Pygmalion was a sculptor of ivory. He crafted a statue of a woman so beautiful, he fell madly in love with her. Come Venus Day, he prayed for a life companion who resembles his statue and it came to life when he got back home.

I have selected 3 articles for us to further explore in-depth, the psychological effects and correlation of a positive role model in the workplace.

Pygmalion Effect – A Leaders Attitude and Expectation Set The Tone

Doesn’t it feel nice to wake up in the morning and come to work with a motivated leader running the team as compared to someone who just gives out work and is unattached to the team? Well, this affects the organization more than you can even imagine. This article dives in and defines how good leadership affects the tone in the workplace.

The Pygmalion Effect: An Invisible Nudge

The power of expectation plays a huge part in a person’s life, whether you realize it or not. And it is not a one-way street, that I can assure you. It is a cycle and great success can be achieved just by having the right attitude and motivation. Find out more with this article.

Business Success: Its Mechanisms, Not Just People

So after finding out more about this little thing called “Pygmalion Effect”, how can we then implement this to our workplace and make it a much better place? Well, this article strongly explains the processes and why it’s not about good workers that bring success but instead, a good system.



Why are some people so successful? Why are some more inspiring than others? Simon Sinek gives you some clues in this highly motivational speech. You should stop focusing on what you do and how you do it, and start spreading WHY you do it. As soon as you strongly believe in your ideas, people will gather around you, sharing your belief. That’s how Martin Luther King inspired so many people. He didn’t come on 28th August 1963 saying “I have a plan” he comes up with “I have a dream”. Here’s the difference. Inspire people by being inspiring yourself.

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