The Power of Mindful Leadership

Did you use the time over the Year End and Chinese New Year break to refocus, to pause and reflect? In today’s world with more distractions than ever before, it is increasingly difficult to keep the focal point on what matters most.

This week the Dalai Lama’s article “Why Leaders Should Be Mindful, Selfless, and Compassionate” inspired me to read more about the relationship between focus, happiness and leadership. The more we feel life is happening to us, the higher are the rates of stress, anxiety and unhappiness. However, there are strategies and tools to help you take on the world, be a mindful employee or leader.


What can we individually do to take control? Read about Meditation as an Employee’s Tool and learn about the best apps to integrate it into your workday. Meditation can help to reduce stress, improve concentration, increase leadership and creativity, as well as better cardio and your immune system health.

“The main business case for meditation is that if you’re fully present on the job, you will be more effective as a leader, you will make better decisions and you will work better with other people… I tend to live a very busy life. This keeps me focused on what’s important.”
William George, board member, Goldman Sachs


If you are acquainted with Tony Robbins, you will have heard about “Priming”. I personally practise his advice and start my day with this meditative 20-minute exercise. It helps you get into an energised and positive state that you will carry throughout the day.

“Priming is the act of taking time to adjust your thoughts and emotions, so you can live your life in peak state”
8 steps of Priming

Watch Tony Robbins perform the 8 steps of Priming in the video below.


Leaders have a big impact on people’s lives, so it comes with responsibilities and obligations. The Dalai Lama shares what leaders can do to contribute to happiness and in course productivity.
Our partner CrossKnowledge published an insightful e-book about “Fulfilling the leadership contract”. It details the four terms and conditions that every leader should strive to fulfil whether they are a supervisor, middle manager, or senior executive. Furthermore, it examines the mindset, capabilities and behaviors one must adopt in order to become a truly accountable leader. which includes how to be a mindful and deliberate leader.

“Another key component of the leadership decision is to be mindful of how to behave and set the example for others in the company. We often think of great leaders as people who bring others through challenging times. This does occur and leaders must know how to lead in times like this. But leadership is also tested on ordinary days and can be important even for seemingly mundane actions. For example, they need to be particularly careful about how they speak with team members when busy, stressed or frustrated, as it can have an impact on employee motivation. A leader is accountable and mindful in the moments that matter to the people they lead.”

I hope you will enjoy reading the following articles. Be inspired!


Dalai Lama

Buddhist tradition describes three styles of compassionate leadership: the trailblazer, who leads from the front, takes risks, and sets an example; the ferryman, who accompanies those in his care and shapes the ups and downs of the crossing; and the shepherd, who sees every one of his flock into safety before himself. Three styles, three approaches, but what they have in common is an all-encompassing concern for the welfare of those they lead.


Meditation App

In today’s busy workplace, employees are surrounded by technology and unlimited information. That’s not all bad, but it can be distracting. Taking the good side of technology in mind, you can improve your overall experience at work by using meditation apps and mindfulness apps that serve a variety of purposes. Read about some of the most effective mindfulness meditation apps that can change the way you live, think, and feel while you’re at work (and not only at work).


Leadership Contract

Leadership is a key ingredient in building strong, vibrant organizational culture. In today’s world, leaders are under tremendous pressure. The demands, expectations and scrutiny are greater than ever before. Leaders need to be stronger than they have been in the past. Unfortunately, many leaders are struggling to step up at a time when it matters most to their organizations. Some leaders have lost their way, embroiled in bad behavior, scandal, and corruption, which undermines the reputations of the companies they lead. What is the root of this crisis in leadership? It boils down to a lack of accountability. There are too many leaders who do not fully understand what it means to be a leader and are not leading in a truly accountable manner.

This e-Book explores the idea of a leadership contract and details the four terms and conditions that everyleader should strive to fulfill whetherthey are a supervisor, middle manager, or senior executive. The e-Book also examines the mindset, capabilities and behaviors one must adopt in order to become a truly accountable leader.


Toni Robbins Priming exercise Video


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