My Top Reads of the Past Week: Navigating Life as a Leader

It certainly takes a lot to navigate the stormy waters of leadership. The good news: it can also be extremely rewarding! I’ve included links to a few great articles from the past week. I’m sure both new and experienced leaders alike will find something useful amongst these articles.

Feel free to share any other articles or resources you’ve stumbled across lately by leaving a comment below!

  1. Leading with Culture - Culture has a powerful effect on business results, helping to make or break even the most insightful strategy or the most experienced executives.
  2. Dear Managers: This 3-Word Formula Makes Giving Feedback Easier -  Giving employees feedback doesn’t have to be the time-consuming, energy-sucking, emotionally-uncomfortable experience that managers’ fear
  3. Your Promotion Should Help Your Career, Not Just Your Bank Account - Being offered a career boost from your company can be incredibly rewarding, but only if it’s in line with your career priorities and your own personal bottom line. Here, experts break down how to evaluate that shiny new package with a level head.
  4. I’ve Been A Manager For Over 10 Years. These Are The Biggest Lessons I’ve Learned - Whether you’re starting out and managing up, leading a small team, or growing a workforce of your own, I suspect that they will prove useful to your career.
  5. How Adobe Structures Feedback Conversations - Providing employees feedback on their performance and opportunities to develop is one of a manager’s most important tasks. Here are a few relatively simple formats or templates to help guide the conversation and ensure the discussion is meaningful.
  6. When to Solve Your Team’s Problems, and When to Let Them Sort It Out - If you’re an effective manager, escalations should be aberrations that you accept rarely and thoughtfully. Here are some questions to ask yourself and principles to follow to make sure you’re not stepping in when you shouldn’t.
  7. Stop Using the Excuse “Organizational Change Is Hard” - The problem with this attitude, which permeates all levels of our organizations, is that it equates “hard” with “failure,” and, by doing so, it hobbles our change initiatives, which have higher success rates than we lead ourselves to believe.

Bonus: Doesn't everyone deserve a chance at a good life?

Aspirations are rising as never before across the world, thanks in large part to smartphones and the internet -- will they be met with opportunity or frustration? As President of the World Bank Group, Jim Yong Kim wants to end extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity. He shares how the institution is working to improve the health and financial futures of people in the poorest countries by boosting investment and de-risking development.

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