Top Reads Of The Week: Productive Conflict: A Workplace Paradox

More Than Just Office Politics

“No, that is not how you are supposed to do it! Haven’t we gone through this in yesterday’s meeting? We have to do it my way, or I wouldn’t want to continue with this project!”

Sounds familiar right? Well, don’t worry! It’s more common than you think!

When communication goes wrong in the workplace, disagreements tend to happen. It’s a natural phenomenon that everyone has gone through and will go through in the future. Sure, prevention is the best way to solve this on-going problem but is there positivity in such circumstances? Maybe there’s even a blessing behind all the disputes and differences in opinion.

This week, I have 3 articles that can turn such a negative aspect in the workplace into something we all can benefit from. There is productivity in these disturbances, we just have to be positive and embrace it in a different light.

Positive Conflict in the Workplace

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As leaders in our respective industries, we are the ones responsible when there is a disagreement between different parties during negotiations or meetings. Conflicts are not meant to be a good thing, but we need to take a step back, listen and observe the situation and make the most out of the uncomfortable situation. Only then can we take the next approach and the necessary steps to improve the team. Training and character development programs can improve the team’s communication skills and thus, lead to a better working environment and lifestyle.

How to Support The Right Kind of Conflict At Work

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Character is a very individual and personal thing and there are surely some employees that might stand out a little more than the rest. Take this in stride and lead a team that can agree to disagree. Once everyone is on the same page, considering the opinions of others will be an easy task to handle for everyone. This article teaches us how we can normalize and make full use of conflicts to the best of our ability.

Discover the Power of Productive Conflict – What HR Leaders Need to Know About Conflict Management Skills

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“Workplace conflicts and be productive rather than disruptive”. Quite a hefty concept to grasp, right? But it is a possibility and it might turn out to be one of the most powerful tools to have as a leader. We can turn “disruptive” to “productive” when we understand the situations the different levels of employees (hard skilled front line jobs to management level soft skills). This article helps us dive in further and give us a tip or two on managing conflicts in the workplace.


What Productive Conflict Can Offer A Workplace | Jess Kutch

A bonus video for all of us this week. Conflict. A very uncomfortable topic for many of us to discuss because as leaders of the organisation, we would like to portray our situation in the organisation as smooth sailing and well-executed. But we very well know there are surely obstacles along the way. No, it’s not that we lack control or power. It’s just human nature that disagreements happen between a group of people. And we can make this right by understanding our employees better.

So sit back and enjoy this short, but effective video on productive conflict in the workplace and how it is important to all of us.

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