Top Reads Of The Week: Coaching: Unleashing Your True Potential

Every single one of us professionals aspires to strive for our personal goals, and ultimately, achieving success. There are many hurdles along the way and once in a while, we do get stuck in a ditch where we can’t figure out whether we should head left or right. Thus, having a second opinion from another person is essential and what better way than from a coach.

Coaching is such a vital skill or role for leaders as it shows confidence and dedication to respective employees as well as clients. It improves the culture of the workplace, at the same time empowering people to excel in their personal development and responsibilities.

This week, let us find out more about why having or being a coach is so crucial to executives and how it can benefit everyone, from an all-girls football team playing in a weekend league, to high-end business organizations.

Why Everyone Needs A Life Coach

Successful professionals don’t take chances when it comes to their path towards their end goals. Instead, they find ways to elevate themselves and many have vouched that coaching is the most effective way up the ladder. Coaching is not only about setting goals and reflection. It helps tremendously in bringing out the brilliance in a person and keep their blind spots in check.

How Coaches Can Help Clients Stay Focused and Present in a VUCA World

There is no doubt that the corporate world is ruthless and will take a bite out of anyone careless and lacking foresight in their career. We all live in a VUCA world. What is VUCA you might ask, well it’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Find out more in this article.

How Feeling Identification Can Help Managers Become Impactful Coaches

Emotions are an integral part of life and empathy is one of the most primary skill coaches need to have reinforced. As times are tough as it is currently, feeling identification takes precedence so that we can understand what our co-workers are going through and that leads to the next step which is, what we can do to understand them better and how we can do it.


What I Learned Coaching Shaun White To His Third Olympic Gold | JJ Thomas | TEDxColoradoSprings

I have an inspiring bonus video for you this week. A perfect example of what a coach goes through when faced with adversity. Some people have the misconception that coaches or mentors are like superheroes with the knowledge and capabilities that stretch beyond vast oceans and only the best can get certified and lead others. Matter of fact is, coaches are human too, just like you and me.

So take a little time off and give this video a go. Find out behind the scenes of what both the coach as well as the coachee goes through and how they overcome the odds and clinch the highest honor even if it seems nearly impossible for them.

Bonus 2! Our Masterclass ‘Unleash the Great Coach within You‘ 2nd edition with lots of newly added content, including more live sessions, role plays and social interactions.

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