‘I Am Not Your Guru’... I Am Your Manager Coach

Feeling stuck, unmotivated, and exhausted with progressing forward, then we’re sure you’ve watched the renowned Netflix documentary ‘I Am Not Your Guru’ by Tony Robbins. He’s a remarkable manager coach because he can inhale pain, support individuals, and ask questions that spark imagination and fulfil solutions. But what exactly is a manager coach?  

What Defines a Manager-Coach?  

A manager-coach is a managerial strategy that has transformed traditional, dictating commands into something more meaningful. A manager that follows this approach doesn’t judge individuals. Instead, they facilitate their development based on previous performance. Here are the main traits that manager coaches showcase to visualise this further.  

  • Positivity – A manager coach, doesn’t find problems and regurgitate blame onto employees. Regular manager practices would, but people make mistakes. Therefore, they assess the problem, maintain positivity, and coach employees to succeed. By maintaining ecstatic energy and not putting people down for mistakes, will undoubtedly make them feel more inclined to try new and innovative ideas.  
  • Enthusiasm – No matter the situation, they’re continuously enthusiastic. A managers attitude is contagious. Showcasing extreme signs of passion, joyfulness, and overall positive energy will encourage individuals to follow suit.
  • Supportiveness – People can encounter problems inside and outside the workplace, dramatically affecting an employee’s engagement. A manager coach supports their colleagues by intaking peoples thoughts, worries, and doubtfulness while identifying solutions to ensure these problems affect them less.  
  • Trustworthiness – The peer-to-peer relationship between a manager coach and their employees is full of trustfulness. To build trust, both parties must be faithful to one another. Therefore, this coaching trait ensures that people can talk about problems (good or bad) and new ideas without feeling guilty or unpleased.  

The list of personal traits a manager coach withholds is immense and endless. However, the above talks about the fundamental four. But how exactly can a manager coach benefit a team?  

How Does a Manager-Coach Benefit a Team?

Making the most out of organisation employees is crucial because these individuals control the business’s growth. When implementing an effective manager-coach into a team, all parties’ benefits immensely.  

The most prominent benefit is enhanced productivity. Instead of dictating a team of individuals, a manger-coach supports ideas, provides enthusiasm, and helps their team grow with the company. From inventing themselves heavily into these elements, productivity showcased by employees can increase massively.  

Additionally, employees will receive optimal job satisfaction because a manager coach is likeable. Considering that 57 per cent of all employees quit their jobs because of their boss, this benefit is superb. Having high job satisfaction is declining each day worldwide. You get more from your employees by improving this because they’re willing to learn, listen, and help the organisation.  

There’s an abundance of employees who generate innovative ideas while working but never mention anything. Because of the supportive traits of a manager-coach, they feel less worried about expressing new ideas. From this, new and better innovation can show itself making the company grow faster.  

It’s undeniable that a manager-coach offers a tremendous number of benefits. Now you understand this, will you be implementing this type of approach within the workplace?

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