Rounding Up: Top HR Reads of 2018

Written by Isabelle Larche

Managing Director, Recruitment & Executive Search at Timeo-Performance
Published on 21-12-2018
HR APAC in 2018

Every Friday, I share my Top Reads of the Week. In it, I round up a few of the best articles and a video regarding a trending topic for that week. 

As the year comes to an end, what better way to close than round up the highlights of the year?

Here were some of the most popular Top Reads in 2018:

1. Engagement, Millennials and Generation Z
2. Onboarding, Retention and Productivity
3. Trust is good. Control is better? How to measure, build and rebuild trust 
4. Job Skills for the Future 
5. Top Reads of the Week: World Cup Edition
6. How to Excel in Uncomfortable Situations

Beyond this list, a lot of content regarding artificial intelligence and the digitalisation of HR, millennials (attracting them, employee experience, retention) and the workplace of the future (skills, increased flexibility and diversity of demographic) was also produced.

Conversely, over the past year, we published some great content written by our own recruitment and intercultural training experts on the blog. They dished out advice and tips regarding their area of expertise. They have had years of experience in their fields and I compiled a list of these articles for you to read easily.

Articles written by our team of recruitment & training experts in 2018:

I started the year by writing about 2018 HR trends for APAC and Singapore. You might have found it helpful as a HR professional operating in the Asia Pacific region (or specifically, Singapore). I also wrote another for 2019 here

Laura from the intercultural management team wrote about 6 Things to Know About Working in Singapore. 

Deepthi from the recruitment team also shared about Diwali / Deepavali – A festival close to (her) heart. Our recruitment team also shared 5 Tips for Recruiting in Southeast Asia. 

As we move forward to 2019, we expect those HR trends to remain. No one can truly predict the future, but reading others’ predictions might lend some insight into the future.

Looking into the crystal ball of HR in 2019:

1. Pragmatic transformation for 2019: 3 trends for HR to watch
This article compiles insights and predictions from Forrester. 3 points regarding HR are explained while other predictions for 2019 are listed in point form.

2. 10 inspiring HR Trends for 2019
HR Trend Institute has been publishing trends for the upcoming year since 2014. In this article, he lists 10 trends for 2019 and backs it up with visuals, graphs and examples.

Good news if you are looking to boost your HR performance! We are running a series of Public courses in 2019 on topics such as Intercultural Management, Business Accelerators and Leadership.

Popular favourites include “New to Singapore: What Managers Need to Know” and “Female Leadership: Grow your Influence and Impact as a Female Leader“. Click here to find the full list of public courses.

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Isabelle Larche
Isabelle is a Human Performance expert, with over 10 years of professional recruitment experience, and 15 years of Business Management Consulting experience. Isabelle is the Vice President of the French Chamber of Commerce and Trade Counsellor (Singapore Chapter) to the French Embassy.

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