Top Reads Of The Week: Resilience: Reinforcing Your Foundation

In the face of adversity, there are many factors we as professionals should focus on. For one, positivity should be on top of the list, as thinking or acting negatively is a sure way to anchor us down and makes it much harder to recover. But another characteristic the best of us should have within is resiliency.

Just like a rubber band being pulled to its extreme, there is only 2 way it can go from there. Either we submit and give in to the tension and snap, or we use the kinetic energy and fully utilize the slingshot and push us even stronger towards success. That, my fellow professionals, is what having resilience is. To embrace the stress and pressure of a certain period of time, and bounce back even stronger than ever before.

This week, let us dive into what resilience is all about and why we should instill it deep within, especially in these times of uncertainty and hardship.


A psychological quality many amongst the best have. If one is knocked down with the adversities of life, bouncing back stronger is the way to go. Building resilience is of the utmost importance and learning how to helm failure and learn from it is a characteristic everyone can gain from. Find out more in this article.


Many have considered the resilient trait as nature and not nurture. Something someone is born with. Well, this is far from the truth. Resilience is in fact, not what you have, but what you do when facing tough situations. Thus, building upon this ability is a choice and I am sure all of us can benefit from it.


There is no doubt, the situation we are currently facing now is tough and is affecting the world we live in. From suffering losses to unemployment, many of us are afflicted by the current pandemic known as the COVID-19. But worry not, as this might just be the best time we can learn from our downfall and build resilience, not only in ourselves but in our family as well as co-workers alike!


The Three Secrets of Resilient People | Lucy Hone | TEDxChristchurch

This week, I have a bonus video for everyone. Truly an eye-opener, the things Lucy Hone brings forth to the table. I am sure all of us have gone through different adversities at least once in their lives. From a very bad heartbreak that still brings tears to our eyes once in a while, to major events of calamities like a natural or national disaster. It is definitely something no mortal can avoid. But what we do in these faces of difficulties is what matters.

So sit back in your comfy seat if you are working from home, or in your quiet and peaceful office and start planning how you can come back from the things you are going through and be the resilient professional we truly are.

Take care and may success reach us once again.

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