Top Reads Of The Week: Emergence Of A New Normal

Lately, we often hear the term “new normal” getting thrown around from anywhere we have access to communicate with the outside world. From video calls with clients and peers to reading articles on the internet. But, what exactly is a “new normal” and how will it impact our professional lives, that was going great till the pandemic hit us. Hard.

An inevitable phenomenon has crashed onto us like tidal waves from the vast ocean, the on-going pandemic has changed many norms that we are so used to. Instead of getting up bright and early and commute to our workplaces like we always do, we now make coffee and sit in rooms a few meters from where we woke up just half-an-hour earlier. And when we step out of our humble abodes (only when necessary), we don’t see the happy smiles from those around us because everyone is donning their face mask.

Well, I guess, in the meantime, this is the “temporary” new normal. But how will a permanent new normal look like? And how do we adapt to the emergence of such an event?

Here are 3 articles this week where we can find out how we can prepare the new normal in business and how these changes might improve our professional world.

Here’s How Firms Can Prepare for the New Normal of Doing Business

We should always stay hopeful when things get uncertain and what’s important is not to lose sight of our ultimate goals even when the future seems bleak. We believe that one day after the worst has tide over, a new day will dawn for the industry, but there will be many changes and adapting that has to be made. In this article, learn more about the new normal in business and how we should approach it.

3 Reasons Why a New Normal May Be Change For Better

Change is always uncomfortable as sometimes, we are already used to living our best lives with routines and habits that are familiar to us. But sometimes, change is necessary for us to evolve. And even in these trying times, there is room for us to change for the better. So look on the bright side, a new normal may not be as bad as we think. In fact, it might be for the better!

The New Normal Isn’t Remote Work. It’s Better.

Yes, remote work is a major change we need to get used to but has it opened a “pandora’s box” of issues that otherwise might not have even come to our minds? Read on to find out more about this topic. It’s an interesting one I have to say, with great debatable viewpoints and even better solutions.


Mike Rosenberg, strategy professor, stresses that business leaders must keep an eye on the next potential disruption. Coronavirus has been “the expected unexpected,” and the company that is prepared for disruption is the company that can best survive it.

Have a great weekend ahead and all the best in your endeavours. And may adapting to your new normal be of ease and confidence.


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