Well-being: Strategic Priority for the APAC region

Written by Isabelle Larche

Managing Director, Recruitment & Executive Search at Timeo-Performance
Published on 17-01-2019

Well-being at work emerges as a strategic priority also for the APAC region. Many companies are implementing innovative programs for financial wellness, mental health, healthy diet and exercise, mindfulness, sleep, stress management, and more. 

As the result of work and life getting blended more and more, well-being programs become a corporate responsibility. Furthermore, a strategy to drive employee productivity, engagement and retention. In addition, the cost reduction in health care and positive employer branding by meeting new social expectations, makes this an attractive market.

By 2024, the region can expect a corporate wellness market worth of US$7.4 billion. 

On the other hand, companies ignoring corporate wellness across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and The Philippines had productivity losses totalling US$44.6 billion within a fiscal year. 

However, there seems to be a big gap between what employers offer and what employees value. How has your company determined the benefits employees value most? 

Well-being benefits offered versus what employees valuee

Given that well-being is part of the business strategy, how can the C-suite promote it? Following, is a good overview by Deloitte. 

What role does the C-suite play in promoting well-being? 

C Suite and Well-being

In addition, I selected articles for you with valuable statistics on the connection between well-being and employee engagement. Furthermore, find top articles exploring the relationship between Wellness, Engagement, Innovation and Leadership. Followed by hands-on steps to implement a more personalised, integrated approach to employee well-being. 

10 Timely Statistics About The Connection Between Employee Engagement And Wellness

Happy employees

Healthy and engaged employees, in concert with a strong workplace culture, are the secret sauce for business success. The following statistics emphasise the need to make engagement and wellness strategic priorities for your organization.

How Employee Well-Being Drives Innovation At Work, And How Leadership Can Foster It

Engagement and Innovation

As leaders, it’s up to you to break the mold and help employees cultivate the ideas that drive your business forward. Here are five tips to share with your employees to better leverage well-being to drive innovation in your workplace. 

6 steps to ensuring your company has a glow of well-being

4 dimensions of well-being

Well-being is not an isolated program or initiative. Well-being is purpose-driven and woven into the fabric of an organization’s values and the employee experience. It is inextricably linked to a myriad of policies, programs and benefit offerings as well as to desired culture, productivity improvement, longer-term organizational talent retention and sustainability of business results.

Companies can implement a more personalized, integrated approach to employee well-being by following these six steps. 

Bonus: Where workers are the happiest

The countries and industries where subjective well-being is highest. 

Video HBR



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