Top Reads of the Week: How to excel in uncomfortable situations

We all dread situations in which we feel uncomfortable, out of our comfort zone and unprepared. Are you breaking out in sweat when thinking about your next job interview, performance review or networking event? You are not alone.

Learn how to best answer unpopular interview questions, what not to say in your performance review and how to stand out at the next networking event.

I hope you will find my list of articles helpful to step out of your comfort zone!


How To Answer The Interview Question 'How Much Money Do You Currently Make?'

Job seekers fear to price themselves too high (or too low) for the position. The author of the article thinks of the salary question "in terms of a poker game with the goal being to get the hiring manager (or HR rep) to lay down their poker cards on the table first."

Read through the tips to prepare for the salary question/discussion during job interviews.

How To Respond To: “Tell Me About A Time When You’ve Failed”

We all have weaknesses and have experienced times of failure – but how we overcome those shortcomings often says a lot about our personalities and work ethics. Despite the lessons learned, our flaws are not always something we want to talk about, especially in a job interview. Consider the following 6 tips to help you answer questions about your failures and growth areas.

4 Thank You Notes for 4 Awkward Interview Situations

Under the best of circumstances, a well-crafted thank you note can literally clinch the deal for you. But, what if the circumstances aren’t the best? What if the interview was super awkward, or you botched something obvious? What if you were gasp 20 minutes late? How do you handle the thank you note in these not-so-ideal situations? Here are four less-than-ideal interview situations, and how you can frame the thank you for each.


11 Things to Never Say During Your Performance Review

Between the feeling of being thrust into the spotlight, the one-on-one setting with your manager and the gravity of what’s at stake, performance reviews can feel pretty uncomfortable. And when you’re made to feel uncomfortable, sometimes you aren’t always the most conscious of (or careful with) your words. But if there’s one time that you want to communicate effectively, it’s then. To make sure that you don’t unintentionally sabotage yourself, we’ve put together a list of things that you’ll want to avoid saying. Steer clear of these words, and you’ll be that much closer to passing your performance review with flying colors.

This Is the Right Way to Respond to Microaggressions at Work

A manager in a performance review says to his female employee, “You might want to try to smile more in meetings.” Someone at work says to a co-worker “He’s Christian, but he’s so open-minded.” Someone asks a group of co-workers if they want to grab a beer after work, while ignoring another co-worker nearby. A job application form only has “male” and “female” as gender options.

These are all examples of microaggressions, everyday verbal and nonverbal slights or snubs which aren’t frequently intended to cause harm or hurt feelings, but often their impact does just that. Learn How to Respond to Feedback About a Microaggression You Said or Did, How to Respond to a Microaggression About You and How to Respond if You’re a Witness to a Microaggression.


4 Reasons You Don't Like Networking (and 4 Better Options You Will Like!)

If you’re a normal professional, you may just feel at least a smidge of apprehension or resentment when it comes time to drag yourself to (or get dragged to) a professional networking Sure, sure, the crab puffs might be killer, but there are so many things to not love about these shindigs that I’d be here for hours if I tried to highlight each one.

Because that doesn’t sound fun for either of us, let’s start with four common reasons why you don’t enjoy them—even when you know (or suspect) they’re important to attend. And then let’s find a better option for every stinking one of them.

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