Talent Spolight of the Month: October 2023

Unlocking Your Potential: Overcoming Fear and Inspiring Change

Imagine a world where one could speak with absolute confidence, inspiring not just those around but the world at large, as some of the greatest inspiring leaders have been doing across history. Studies show that 75% of people suffer from speech anxiety. Fear of public speaking  ranks higher than fear of death itself.

What we sometimes ignore is that conquering the fear of public speaking is a journey anyone can embark upon, becoming exceptional in the field, and inspiring to help others transcend their limitations.

Where does fear of public speaking really come from?

Many people believe their fear of public speaking is about ‘the stage’.  Its roots are actually deeper. They are about fear of public shaming and a desire for validation. The fear is deeply driven by ego, the root cause of what holds individuals back from being their best selves.

As leaders and individuals with the incredible potential to initiate change, enthusiasm is often stifled by fear; fear of being wrong, fear of failure, and fear of ridicule... This "I versus others" perspective is where our greatest ideas die.

Breaking free: a simple though deep perspective shift

The fear felt is universal. So how to break free? Get the ego under control, and become a ‘Messenger’. Shift the perspective from "Me" (oneself) to "Message" (what I need to say) to..  "Messenger." Why? As a Messenger, the focus is not on oneself or even the message; it is  on the greater good.

Let’s imagine what the world would be like if more people stepped into this role of the “Messenger”: sharing knowledge, inspiring change, and leading by example. The power of ideas and the dynamics for transformation on a larger scale.

80% of successful people have admitted to being afraid of public speaking at some point in their careers.

Let’s understand that one won't be liked by everyone, and that's okay. Courageously accept criticism and admiration alike, and keep the focus on the mission. What about if we considered that ‘perfection’ is not the goal;  though ‘progression’ is.

To unleash our potential, let go of ego and the fear that's holding us back. It is an effort worth trying, for the greater good and for ourselves. Studies show that effective public speaking skills can increase earning potential by up to 50%.

Speak up, step out of our comfort zone, and onto the stage. Ideas, voices, and leadership can shape a better world for everyone, now and in the future.

Together, we can inspire change, solve problems, and make a lasting impact. Embrace the journey, and let's lead the way to a brighter future.

We can start right now. Some handpicked thought-provoking TedTalks below and more information on our Leader Voice and Impactful Presentation and Communication coaching programs.

Let's be good together™.

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Isabelle Larche

Managing Director, Recruitment & Executive Search at Timeo-Performance

Isabelle is a Human Performance expert, with over 10 years of professional recruitment experience, and 15 years of Business Management Consulting experience. Isabelle is the Vice President of the French Chamber of Commerce and Trade Counsellor (Singapore Chapter) to the French Embassy.

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