LIVE event – Free Webinar on Coaching – December 12th

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Published on 02-12-2019

Coaching Masterclass session: “Success Tips That Every Manager Needs To Know To Coach Well”.

LIVE event – Free 60-minute Webinar on Coaching  with Master Coach Jean-François Cousin, global speaker, internationally published author and the 2019 Chairman of the Global Board of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

As part of the launch of Timeo Coaching Masterclass “Unleash The Great Coach Within You”, join us on December 12th @ 9am GMT for a unique Live Webinar with Mr. Jean-François Cousin, a renowned global executive coach and coach trainer with over 10,000 coaching-hour experience.

5pm (Singapore/China) | 4pm (Thailand/Vietnam/Indonesia) | 6pm (Japan/Korea)  2:30pm (India)

Don’t miss this unique 60-minute immersive session on the ‘5-6-7’ rule in coaching:

  • 5 Pitfalls to Avoid:The mistakes you might be making without knowing
  • 6 ‘Must-Do’s: Practical Coaching Techniques You Can Implement Immediately
  • 7 RewardsFor You and Your Career

Followed by Q&A.

Bonus #1! Mr Jean-François will also delve into “How a Coaching culture boosts the success of high performing companies”.

Bonus #2! Webinar key takeaways summarised for you into a single page so you can keep it and use it anytime you need.

Bonus #3! This webinar will be recorded. So do register to receive the link even if you cannot attend on Dec.12th.




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