Valentine’s Day Special: 3 Great Ideas To Show Affection To Your Co-Workers

Written by Isabelle Larche

Managing Director, Recruitment & Executive Search at Timeo-Performance
Published on 14-02-2020

“Roses are red, Violets are blue.

Embrace your loved ones, your employees too!”

Love is in the Air

Valentine’s Day is upon us once more and love is not necessarily reserved only for couples and love birds. It’s a great time to show your employees and co-workers that you care for them too! Everyone has been working so tirelessly since the year began, a little gesture of love and kindness will surely spur them on through the coming months. It doesn’t have to cost a bomb, it’s the thought that counts. Show them you appreciate their dedication and perseverance and I’m sure everybody’s morale will be at an all-time high with joy and laughter spreading around the office.

Here are 3 ideas I would love to share with everyone. Seize this opportunity and fill up the day with lovely smiles!

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Gifts and Presents

No matter how we might sometimes appear uninterested or think of it as being a little too commercialized, Valentine’s Day remains an important date to many. Amongst the declarations of love and the opportunity to spice up everyday life, today is the perfect occasion to spoil the ones around you.

Small gestures like bringing in bite-sized breakfast in the morning for everyone to enjoy is a great way to begin the day. Chocolates make the perfect gifts as well. A little sugar to keep everyone awake might just be that creative push they need. Gifts and presents do not have to cost a lot, it’s the thought that makes our co-workers know that we appreciate and respect their hard work.

Well, who doesn’t love receiving gifts right? I certainly do!

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Appreciation Cards

I have always believed that showing a little appreciation goes a very long way. A simple “thank you” is the best thing one can receive after a long day of work. But what are other creative ways we can show the ones around us that we treasure their company? Appreciation cards. An effortless but effective (minus the awkwardness) way to tell someone that you are proud of what they do.

In my office, we have these cards (photo) where we write and complement one another, showing how much we value their presence and cherish them as colleagues. The feeling of writing one is amazing. Receiving one? You will feel so blessed and adored. Try it out!

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Get-together Lunch

Don’t worry, there is no need to cater to expensive lunches for everybody. Everyone can pack their lunches and sit together for a jolly good time! A potluck-style lunch get-together is also a spectacular idea. Finally, time to dust the aprons and make that delicious no-bake cheesecake you recently saw on Youtube.

Sitting together with everyone laughing and sharing their life stories can be such a warm and wonderful experience. It allows everyone to relax and stretch out those tired bones. Interaction with one another also feels more personal as we might not have the time to do so during working hours.

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These are just some simple ideas on how you can show appreciation to your co-workers and employees. There are many more fun and interesting ways to cherish those around us but the most important thing to remember is that everyone around us is special, and without them, life would not be how it is today. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Isabelle Larche
Isabelle is a Human Performance expert, with over 10 years of professional recruitment experience, and 15 years of Business Management Consulting experience. Isabelle is the Vice President of the French Chamber of Commerce and Trade Counsellor (Singapore Chapter) to the French Embassy.

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