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Hot news

Delivered: Manufacturing | May. 16

Purchasing Manager for Asia-Pacific

Individual Management Coaching | Mar. 16

"Setting Objectives to prepare the Future”. Following the 2-Day training with the regional leadership team, we worked with all 14 managers individually to help them to look internally to determine their own leadership styles, their own personalities and began to understand how their own styles directly affect their teams that report to them. This individual coaching defined their objectives to prepare them for their future development and future coaching sessions with our ICF accredited coach over the next 6-9 months. 

Delivered: Construction Industry | Mar. 16

Regional Procurement Director & Regional HR Director - Singapore

Akteos Asia: Intercultural Training Launch | Feb. 16

"Regional training program launch". Timeo-Performance and Akteos have designed and delivered a bespoke 2-Day regional Intercultural training program in Singapore for a leading chemicals company. The 12 participants began by understanding their own cultural differences and expectations before learning different techniques and methods to improve their way of working and communicating effectively with all cultures in the modern corporate world. The same identical training with slight cultural adaptations is now being rolled out in 6 countries across APAC this year for all high potential managers from Japan, India, China, Korea and Thailand

Delivered: Consumer Electronics | Jan. 16

Regional Supply Chain Manager - Singapore

Sales and Culture Training | Jan. 16

"Driving sales in the gourmet world” The regional sales team within the gourmet foods industry flew from multiple countries to the Timeo-Performance Training Centre in Singapore to take part in 1 Day of intensive express training to improve their presentation and selling styles in the Asian context. Using their cultural background as the backbone of the program, our trainers helped the team to understand their own styles and how they could complement the Asian business cultures and expectations. Each individual ended the program with a video sales pitch that was reviewed and analyzed by their peers and by our trainers to create a long lasting impact and behavioural change back on the job

Training program expands | Dec. 15

"Aligning leadership practices across Asia” The Timeo-Performance training team hosted the next layer of managers of the APAC regional management from 5 countries (Japan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, China) at a sunny retreat in Malaysia to define the direction and vision of the company moving forward in Asia. This 2 day program was a crucial launch step to set up and align leadership and strategic thinking across the region. Participants began by exploring the leadership and personality traits of themselves and each other aligned with company culture and worked collectively on practical solutions, models, actions and definitions for their future as leaders. These 14 future leaders were trained with tools and models that allowed them to transcend their individual styles and provide constructive and effective leadership support.

Delivered: Luxury Conglomerate | Nov. 15

Regional HR Manager - Singapore

APAC Leadership coaching | Nov. 15

11 Senior Managers in APAC took part in a week of individual performance coaching to enhance their leadership behaviour.

This was Step 3 of their Leadership Training Journey which is spanning 12 months and has already included a 360 Feedback initiative and a Face-to-face group training session. Each participant worked with their ICF certified coach (International Coach Federation) to uncover the causes of their real-life leadership challenges in the workplace and then find solutions to overcome them in a practical way.

Delivered: Innovation Center | Nov. 15

Telecommunication Engineer, Customer Behavior Project Manager, Office Manager and Integration Team Leader - Singapore

12 month Leadership Training | Nov. 15

The first face-to-face group training session of the 12 month APAC leadership training journey took place on Sentosa Island in Singapore in a bright sunny training room overlooking the sea.  The Senior APAC Leadership team of 11 from our French MNC client in the Mining and Minerals industry, were put through their paces and challenged on their pre-conceptions and notions of leadership. This training was a kick off to the journey gave participants the tools to support the learning journey for all 50 managers across the region and helped them to decide on some key elements of leadership which will help to shape the future of the organisation in the region.

Learning week event | Oct. 15

We were privileged to be invited to deliver the opening and closing topic of the Global Learning Week to launch the week of learning events for our client in Singapore. Our seminar style training covering ‘Innovation: Getting a practical return from creativity’ brought together 70 people and a further group of 40 who were simultaneously participating remotely. The unique method for this Innovation workshop was an energetic way inspire people and kick-off the learning week. People left energised with new awareness, new behaviours and practical ideas to address business challenges, support growth and encourage a productive and innovative 5 days of learning ahead.  

For the closing, we provided a challenging and productive final day of learning for the 100 employees who took part in our two sessions. We explored the topics of 'Working successfully across cultures’ and  ‘Get the right work done’ which is the exclusive training course used by our corporate clients to improve the productivity for individuals and teams in the workplace.

Delivered: Luxury Conglomerate | Oct. 15

Event Designer Project Management - Singapore

National Innovation Awards | Oct. 15

Singapore has won a global Innovation Award in the field of EHS (Environmental Health and Safety). To celebrate this success, our client gathered together 100 people for the award ceremony in Singapore. The awards and speeches from the regional bosses were celebrated with canapés, beer and wine for everyone in attendance. We were invited to conduct a short high energy Innovation activity from our award winning Innovation Training Workshop. Attendees gathered in teams and came up with over 20 practical new innovative ideas to support sharing of ideas in the workplace, some of which which might turn out to be the winner of next year’s Innovation award.

Regional Leadership 360 feedback | Oct. 15

October saw the launch of a 12 month leadership Journey for 50 managers across APAC for our French MNC client in the Mining and Minerals industry. The learning began with an online 360 Feedback initiative for the 11 most Senior Leaders in the region in which 104 people across the globe provided feedback with a response rate of over 90%. Then, each of the 11 participants received 1 hour of individual coaching and debriefing when they received their 360 Feedback results to help them interpret what was said and decide on next actions and objectives. This was the first of many steps on the 12 month development journey for the top bosses which includes individual coaching, assessments and training to support strategic growth to a high performance organisation.

Delivered: Dairy nutrition | Oct. 15

Human Resources Director - Indonesia

2 day Cultural Training Bangkok | Sep. 15

A cultural melting pot gathered together in Bangkok for the 2 day training workshop, 'Succeed in a Multicultural Environment’. Our client, a European IT travel MNC, wanted to promote working across cultures with a mixed cultural group, and we certainly achieved that. 12 participants came together from 7 different cultures including Thai, Indian, German, Polish, French, Singaporean and Fillipino all collaborating to find solutions to their intercultural challenges in the workplace.

Delivered: Health Insurance | Sep. 15

General Manager APAC - Singapore

Intercultural Leadership Training | Aug. 15

Singapore hosted 12 members of the senior leadership team from a French Industrial Construction MNC for a ‘Working together across cultures’ Training workshop. Participants came from the USA, France, India, Singapore, China and Australia and combined online culture testing tools with group workshop training. Participants practiced how to embrace differences and reduce misunderstandings in each other’s national culture that was impacted on the efficiency and success of their global business.

Delivered: Consumer Goods | Aug. 15

Head of European Market - Singapore

3-Day India Leadership Training | Aug. 15

A group of 11 Indian Managers were in Delhi to take part in an eventful and valuable 3-Day Training development of their leadership capabilities. Enthusiasm and engagement were the order of the day (along with some delicious curry!) as the participants challenged their existing perceptions on their  management and gained new tools and techniques to be more sophisticated in their management style and get outstanding results now and in the future. There was a great atmosphere, with the whole group excelling in a beautiful and vibrant country.

Delivered: Engineering Consulting | Jul. 15

HR Director (for a Joint Venture set up) - China

Delivered: System supplier (aeronautics) | Jun. 15

Regional Sales Director (Asia) - Singapore

Intercultural Management, Paris-France | Jun. 15

Akteos – As invited guest for the “8th International Mobility Encounters” in Paris, we were pleased to lead a round table discussion on “The challenges of Intercultural Management”. Lots of sharing with the Mobility and HR Directors. When it comes to mobility, Intercultural management goes well beyond preparing the expatriate for a successful international move. It is key to her/his future performance and success in the job abroad to manage the team and the operations. Appropriate training or coaching help secure their success.

Delivered: Environmental Services | May. 15

Research and Development Engineer - Singapore

Training: Presentation skills for Sales | May. 15

Last week’s company specific Sales Presentation Skills training was a huge success with all participants showing a dramatic improvement in their sales delivery technique to groups and selling to individuals. Confidence and charisma is going through the roof, the videos don’t lie! One participant said it was “the most valuable training I've had in a year!"

2-Day Advanced Modern Manager Training | May. 15

This publicly available training has been running for 3 years in Singapore and continued in May. The intimate group size allows a coaching approach so participants can explore all the elements that are affecting today’s modern managers with fellow participants from different companies. 

Delivered: Mechanical Engineering | Apr. 15

Regional Sales Manager - Singapore

Leadership programme | Apr. 15

April saw the end of a 6-month long Leadership journey in Singapore, with a final individual coaching session for all 25 participants from 2 groups. All participants rated themselves as 'very satisfied' or ‘satisfied' with the programme overall and they have all been able to put in place practical changes to enhance their leadership and improve their work lives. Good luck to all our participants for their future leadership challenges and continued career growth.

Delivered: FMCG Industry | Mar. 15

General Manager, Talent Management - Singapore

Mastering the Power of Perception | Mar. 15

All 14 participants have left this 1 day training with their minds well and truly open to a new way of thinking. Their understanding and tools to control what is effecting their judgement and efficiency in the workplace is at a new level. Everyone has learned more about themselves and each other to shift their focus away from judgement and assumptions and towards productivity. The thing one participant found the most valuable: “All the various ways & methods of gaining control - perception - from self awareness to relevance to team & workspace”

Intercultural Management Coaching | Feb. 15

Akteos – Intercultural test (Nomad Profiler) followed by one to one coaching sessions on “How to successfully work across insight”. Our Top Executives gained knowledge about themselves, their team in Asia and how to successfully perform taking into account cultures when managing team.

Delivered: Electronics Components | Feb. 15

Senior Manager: Internal Quality

Delivered: Energy Services Industry | Jan. 15

Cooling Plant Manager - Malaysia

Delivered: Cosmetics & Skincare | Dec. 14

Global CEO (Worldwide) - based in Singapore

Leadership Training – kick off | Dec. 14

The leadership training of 70 top managers in Singapore and in France starts this month. A six month fully customised learning journey crossing assessment, training and individual coaching. An exciting road ahead!

Innovation: Award for Timeo-Performance! | Nov. 14

Our 2 day “Innovation seminar” wins an internal worldwide “Global Innovation Award” (International bank). We are proud and glad for our client team with whom we worked very closely to make it such a success!

Delivered: Fragrance & Flavour Industry | Nov. 14

Workshop / Production Manager - Singapore

Getting the right work done - Training | Nov. 14

Personal efficiency. Exclusively designed and developed by Timeo-Performance ©. How to improve your team productivity and accomplish more in life. “Fabien, I managed to fit appointments in my calendar I never managed to.. I need to maintain this new organisation!”

Delivered: Airline Industry | Oct. 14

Business Development Manager - Singapore

Successful recruitment techniques in Asia | Oct. 14

Training by Timeo-Performance ©. “Really impressed Alex.. Thanks for the dedication. We have been very impressed by what you have delivered.” A pleasure to help this Recruitment team reach a new level of performance on such a challenging field.

Delivered: Fastening Systems Industry | Sep. 14

Customer Logistics Manager - Singapore

Advanced Modern Manager Training | Sep. 14

18 & 19 SEPTEMBER 2014 - a few seats left! Training session in Singapore with Timeo-Performance. A 2-day training for Managers who want to get new management skills, practical tools and confidence to perform in an Asian Corporate environment. "Motivational", "Provision of useful tools". "This training will help me to improve my performance as people Manager in Asia" = 100% strongly agree.

Delivered: Precious Metals | Aug. 14

Global Process Engineer - Singapore

Delivered: Smart Card Industry | Aug. 14

Regional Sales Director SEA - Singapore

Delivered: Energy & Utility Solutions | Jul. 14

Managing Director - Singapore

Delivered: E-Commerce Industry | Jul. 14

IT Infrastructure and Service Delivery Manager - Jakarta

Sales hunter workshop | Jun. 14

A great day with the Singapore sales tribe revisiting the “hunting game” and boost their sales.  Creativity working on the sales process for how to sell more and create raving fans for this great construction equipment brand. 

Delivered: Manufacturing Ind. (FEC) | May. 14

Senior Manufacturing Engineer - Singapore

Advanced "Modern Manager" Training | Apr. 14

22 & 23 MAY SESSION REGISTRATION is open. Training session in Singapore with Timeo-Performance. A 2-day training for Managers who want to get new management skills, practical tools and confidence to perform in an Asian Corporate environment. "Motivational", "Provision of useful tools". "This training will help me to improve my performance as people Manager in Asia" = 100% strongly agree.

Leadership: 360 assessment initiative | Mar. 14

Implementation of the right 360 approach for our client’s management team. What a great buzz and great findings. Individual debrief on the way.

Delivered: Fashion Industry | Mar. 14

Corporate Finance Manager - Manila

Training: “Insight Sales” boosting | Feb. 14

The 3 strategies of top sales reps. Moving from “solution selling” to “insight selling”. State of the art learning based on the latest Harvard findings for our client's sales team. Close your deals!

Delivered: E-Commerce Industry | Feb. 14

Online Marketing Manager - Singapore

Personal Development to Influence Sales | Jan. 14

The secret codes to unleash our client's sales team potential in Asia. A very personalised workshop-style training and individual coaching. Because everything starts with understanding and developing yourself.

Delivered: Composites Industry | Jan. 14

Asian Development Director - Singapore

Performance Management Training | Dec. 13

Singapore. Training sessions with the Management Team. It is always difficult to improve the performance of the people we manage. A training approach with a workshop style to focus on how to recognise “where” &  “what” our people need to improve; explore and practice what performance management methods and tools are the most effective in their specific work environment. 

Delivered: Cloud Computing | Dec. 13

2 positions: Pre-Sales Engineer & Technical Support - Singapore

Large scale "Innovation Seminar" | Nov. 13

Financial Services. 100 participants in Sentosa from Hong Kong and Singapore Wealth Management offices. Improving innovation capabilities. 2 exciting days practising in small groups innovation at work, innovation for their clients. Mastering the innovation process so innovation becomes a habit!

Delivered: Fashion Industry | Nov. 13

General Manager - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

HR Strategy Workshop: vision & action | Nov. 13

With the Singapore Management team of this Leader in Dermatology. Intense workshop to share their vision of key HR challenges for Singapore. Define pragmatic actions. How to recruit, develop and retain successfully in 2014.

Delivered: Airline Industry | Oct. 13

2 Key Account Managers: "Hunter" & "Farmer" - Singapore

Effective Mentor Training Program | Oct. 13

A fantastic day with the 9 APAC Vice Presidents of this Equipment Construction leader to prepare them for the first Mentoring program for the Region. All "equiped" now for confident and productive Mentor-Mentees relationships cross ASEAN! Mentors, let’s roll now!

Delivered: Aerospace Manufacturer | Oct. 13

Accounting Manager - Indonesia

Training: Client handling & professionalism | Sep. 13

Singapore. Training sessions with Customer Service teams. Understanding the keys to professionalism and professional service, practical tools to develop a great client relationship and develop confidence to handle the most complex situations... Nothing can stop you now J!

Delivered: Biotech Industry | Sep. 13

2 positions: Financial Planning & Analysis - Singapore, Online Marketing Manager - Shanghai, China

Delivered: Fashion Industry | Sep. 13

Sales and Marketing Manager - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Training: Modern Manager in Asia | Aug. 13

25 & 26 September, 2013 - Singapore. A 2-days training for Managers who want to get new management skills, practical tools and confidence to perform in an Asian Corporate environment. "Motivational", "Provision of useful tools". "This training will help me to improve my performance as people Manager in Asia" = 100% strongly agree.

Mentor & Coach training for Managers | Aug. 13

Thank you all again for your participation at yesterday’s training, I observed some real improvements in your behaviours by the end of the session and significant improvements in your knowledge since the first time we met. Good luck coaching and mentoring your staff for the rest of the year!

Delivered: Global Logistics Services | Aug. 13

General Manager Operations & Warehouse Manager - Singapore

Delivered: Fashion Industry | Jul. 13

Senior Marketing Manager - Jakarta, Indonesia

Delivered: Oil & Energy | Jun. 13

3 positions: Head Technical Operations, Technical and Operations Superintendant, Office Manager - Singapore & Nigeria

Training: Our vision for SMEs in Asia | Apr. 13

Why and how to use this "Silent Weapon". Read the full story.

Recruitment: Tips from our experts | Apr. 13

Video. Does the best candidate always get the job?

Delivered: Aerospace Manufacturer | Mar. 13

Maintenance Manager - Bandung, Indonesia

Delivered: Outsourcing industry | Feb. 13

Business Analyst, Managed Services - Singapore

A recent Training success | Feb. 13

In our client's words, our unique approach works !

Download the full story here

"Recruiting & Managing Teams in Asia" | Jan. 13

Two hours presentation and discussions with Entrepreneurship Master Students (ESSEC) at the French Embassy. Intense and reinvigorating exchanges!

Delivered: Fashion Industry | Jan. 13

General Manager - Vietnam

Delivered: Chemical Manufacturer | Jan. 13

Managing Director (Production Site) - Thailand

Training: Thank you Manitou team! | Oct. 12

Thanks to all of you for your energy and hard work during this three days Management Training.

Delivered: Market Research | Sep. 12

Head of Research (crop protection specialist) - Malaysia

Delivered: Aerospace Indonesia | Aug. 12

Senior Sales Manager - Bandung

Our web HRIS for Asia | Jul. 12

The HRIS we distribute in Asia recognized by Gartner for its "simplicity and globality". Congratulation!

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SingaporeCustomer Behavior Project Manager - SingaporeEnergy Efficiency & Technical Director South East Asia - SingaporeTelecommunication Engineer - SingaporeVisual Merchandising Project Manager - SingaporeHead of European Market - SingaporeHead of Quality - Vemula, IndiaRegional Sales and Key Account Manager - SingaporeR&D Engineer - SingaporeManufacturing Process Engineer - SingaporeHuman Resources Manager - BeijingRegional IT Project Manager - SingaporeIT Functional Expert - SingaporeData Analytics Task Manager - SingaporeHR Lead - SingaporeAssistant Project Manager - SingaporeRegional Sales Manager - SingaporeService/Solutions Incubation Lead - SingaporeRegional Chief Talent Officer SE Asia - SingaporeHigh Frequency Product Development Engineer - SingaporeControl & Vision Systems Engineer - SingaporeRegional Training Manager - SingaporeGeneral Manager, Talent and Organisational Development - SingaporeRegional Sales Director - SingaporeManaging Director - MalaysiaSales Manager (Hunter for Cross-Cultural training industry) - 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