Top Reads Of The Week: Culture Shift: An Unprecedented Event

Written by Isabelle Larche

Managing Director, Recruitment & Executive Search at Timeo-Performance
Published on 24-04-2020

Culture is naturally formed in every organization. It differs from company to company and it plays a huge role in defining how a certain establishment works. It is this “culture” that colors the team with characteristics such as its attitudes and work style, values, and goals as well as the people themselves.

But once in a while, there are phenomenons that might ripple the flow of a company’s culture and believe me when I say, when that happens, change is inevitable. From a global recession to a pandemic like the one we are currently going through right now, a culture shift will happen and we should take it in our stride and embrace the transformation no matter how uncomfortable it may get.

This week, let us dive into what company cultures are, diversity when it comes to different organizations across the world, and facing a culture shift once this pandemic episode is over.

What is Company Culture? And What’s Expected To Change In 2020?

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There are vast differences in culture for different companies such as how flexible the direction of the organization is. In 2020, changes in culture affect us more than it ever has because of the circumstances we are faced with. Find out more in this article and learn new ways of how we can adapt and implement it into our respective organizations today.

Is A Fundamental Culture Shift Happening?

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Culture is based on beliefs and shared values within the company and it used to take a long time for a certain culture to alter itself and become the new norm. But in 2020, the same can’t be said. The “cultural shift” is beginning to increase its pace at such a rapid rate due to factors that are presented in current times.

How Corporate Cultures Differ Around The World

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Cultures can exist across many levels and location demography also play quite a huge part depending on where you are on this big blue planet. Where the organization is located, also plays a huge part when faced with the adversity of change. Thus, finding out the factors (both internal and external) and how it affects employees can definitely help many of us in the long haul.


3 Ways To Create A Work Culture That Brings Out The Best In Employees | Chris White | TEDxAtlanta

This week, I have a bonus video for everyone. Speaking up at work may sound like a simple thing, but being heard is something rather scarce or unnatural as we are already used to the work culture of keeping our opinions to ourselves. But these situations can be approached in a different style and manner, surely.

We can take the example from the Google employees walk-out, and it is indeed a very good example organizations can take away from. As leaders, sometimes we are too busy with our tasks that we often neglect the needs and dissatisfaction of those around us. There is room for change in culture for this particular circumstance, so let’s find out more about how we can make it happen within our own establishments.

Take the time and give this video a watch. I hope it benefits us all and helps us in creating a healthier and inspiring work culture for everyone around us. Stay safe everyone!

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