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Written by Isabelle Larche

Managing Director, Recruitment & Executive Search at Timeo-Performance
Published on 13-12-2018

Good work-life balance.

At least this is what LinkedIn’s inaugural Opportunity Index found to be the top job aspiration for Singaporeans.

Surveying over 11,000 respondents in 9 Asia Pacific markets, the Index measures how employees perceive opportunities and barriers in their career progression. Almost half of respondents (48%) defined “opportunity” as having “good work-life balance” while other popular definitions include: having options in life (43%), a chance for a financially rewarding career (35%), and learning a new skill (29%).

To build a healthy work environment where employees can grow and contribute significantly, work-life balance and learning are crucial. This is because too much stress or overly long hours can lead to burnout and a lack of learning opportunities can lead to boredom and disengagement.

If you find yourself struggling to understand why your employees are leaving or why they are not as driven, I have compiled three articles this week to help you.

This article expounds on what drives Singaporean employees and their perceived barriers to success using the study done by LinkedIn:

#1: This is what drives Singaporean employees

Similarly, our counterparts in the US are going beyond the financial aspect of jobs. It is no longer a high salary or prestige that makes a job “good”. What is important for them then? Find out in this article which uses findings from the SurveyMonkey Audience poll with 1037 respondents from the US.

#2: Pretty much everyone defines a ‘good job’ the same way — but most people don’t have the luxury of choosing one

This article discusses the situation in the UK. With job vacancies at the highest, it resembles Singapore’s candidate-driven market. Although 77% of staff turnover is preventable, it is important to remember that you’ll never be able to stop from leaving your business completely. Read about tips on how can you encourage employees to stay.

#3: Why Your Employees are Quitting (And What You Can do About it)

BONUS: Missing the obvious in employee recognition | Claire McCarty | TEDxUWRiverFalls

Many Singaporeans actually aspire towards attaining work-life balance. Many also desire to learn through work as at least a fourth cite learning a skill or learning a new technology as their career aspiration. However, reality may not always match what we perceive things to be. This TED Talk by Claire McCarty is insightful and deep. She explains effective employee recognition techniques through a square wheel and round wheel analogy. Watch to find out more.

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