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The Management "Toolkit" for New Managers

Tue, 23 Apr 2019 - 9am-5pm (Full day)Business Accelerators1830
Be successful right from the start!

About this course

This course provides you with comprehensive insights into the skills and tools needed to become a respected and successful people manager. Our expert coach and trainer will share with you the most important management skills and tools, based on the latest research and management best-practices. You will practice in various situations to set you up for success in your new role as a manager and to be able to support your employees to excel in their day to day work. Developing your self-awareness, building your confidence and preparing you for your People Management challenges ahead.

Key outcomes

  • Applying the key factors that make a great manager
  • Increase awareness of your management style and communication preferences to adapt to a variety of management situations
  • Motivate yourself and others to perform at peak performance
  • Provide others with effective feedback in a confident and competent manner
  • Practice successful communication and influencing techniques
  • Hold effective meetings and manage conflicts
  • Gain new insights on how to delegate, and empower your staff
  • Personal Action Plan

Who should attend

Business professionals who:

  • have been recently promoted to a management role
  • would like to enhance their managerial skills with the latest management trends and research
  • want to increase their impact in their business through outstanding people manage


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  • Recruitment | Jessy C

    Candidate, Sales & Marketing

    I would also like to extend my thanks to you. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve crossed paths with many headhunters, even big firms, but Timeo is one of the best recruitment firms I’ve met to date.

    Your follow up and service is personalised and impeccable and I must say that I am very impressed.

  • Recruitment | Michel D

    Training Participant, Jakarta

    These two days have been interesting and challenging (and not only for the time sharing between work and training!). It was great to share this experience with all of you.

  • Recruitment | Thiansutham S

    Managing Director, Thailand

    Your professionalism and good understanding are highly appreciated. Timeo-Performance is the best Executive Recruitment Firm I have ever worked with. My hat is open for you and Sarah. For sure, will recommend your company to every one I know.

  • Recruitment | Michelle K

    HR Director, South & Central Asia

    I am impressed that you were able to locate applicants of this calibre in such a short time. You have a very good idea of what we are looking for, and this is reflected in the candidates.

  • Training | Management & Leadership


    “Many tools that can be used to improve management skills.”

    “I have improved professionally in terms of communication skills, performance management.”

    “Understand the value and responsibilities of manager. So clearly described the recognition and responsibility of manager.”

  • Training | Effective Presentations

    A multinational retail luxury company

    “The trainers are patient and they really encourage you, point out your mistakes and teach you how to overcome it”

    “[I liked the] interaction with the audience, the techniques/questions”

  • Training | Virtual Teams


    “We learned to understand the culture or ways in which other countries work and [how to] build trust with them”

    “It is good to understand the cultural gap which is somehow required to adjust to achieve the same goals”

    “(The trainer) addressed all our doubts. The group discussions were helpful”

  • Training | Strategic Thinking

    A signature program, for improved business outcomes

    “Strategic planning & thinking are important and key to execute/implement any goal/projects successfully”

    “Anything is possible even with limited resources – Think!”

    “Tools were very interesting and useful”

  • Training | Change Management

    A cornerstone in all our Leadership programmes

    “[Provided] the practical approach with structural content. Very relevant to my current phase professionally. One of the best trainings I had till date.”

    “Eye opening session where we explore opportunities to be effective leaders and also managers.”