Upcoming Public Course: The Management ‘Toolkit’ for New Managers

Tue, 23 Apr 2019
Be successful right from the start!


This course provides you with a comprehensive insight in those skills and tools needed to become a successful and respected manager. It focuses on developing your self-awareness, building your confidence and preparing you for the challenges ahead. Our expert coach and trainer will share and practice with you the most important management skills and tools, based on recent research. The toolkit will set you up for success in your new role as a manager where you enable your employees to be motivated, focused and excelling in their day to day work.


  • Understand what makes a great manager
  • Become aware of your management and communication style and learn how to adapt when needed
  • Motivate yourself and others to perform at peak performance
  • Gain new insights on how to delegate, and empower your staff
  • Provide others with effective feedback in a confident and competent manner
  • Practice successful communication and influencing techniques
  • Hold effective meetings and manage conflicts
  • Personal Action Plan


Business professionals who:

  • Recently were promoted to a management role
  • Would like to improve their managerial skills based on recent research
  • Want to increase their impact on business by improving their people management skills

Getting there

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+65 6327 9218contact@timeo-performance.com