Coaching Masterclass – Framework, Benefits & Coaching Skills

Written by Timeo-Performance

Published on 11-11-2019

Masterclass “Unleash the Great Coach Within You”

In this video, Jean-François Cousin walks us through the framework of the Coaching Masterclass – including the benefits and the coaching skills participants will acquire.

The story behind the Masterclass:

We strongly believe in, and we have seen the power of coaching to help people, teams and organisations bring out their best and build a happier culture and environment at work. We have been thinking for years on how to give people a chance to access the best coaching methodologies and learn directly from the most skilled coaching professionals.

That is why we are developing this interactive and online Coaching Masterclass with one of the best coaches in the world, Mr. Jean-François Cousin, Master Certified Coach and Coach Trainer and Chairman of the International Coaching Federation Global (ICF) Board 2019.

Participants will benefit from the essence of his 10,000 hours of coaching experience to help them transform themselves into the person/leader who brings the best in others, teams and organisations.

The Masterclass is a 7 week journey which starts mid-January 2020.

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