Coaching Masterclass Insights

Written by Timeo-Performance

Published on 15-09-2020

Our Coaching Masterclass for Leaders & Managers, “Unleash the Great Coach within you”, is back for a 4th Edition. Starting September 22nd!

We wanted to share with you key practical insights when it comes to coaching skills for Leaders. We hope they will inspire you and your teams!

Masterclass Insight #1: The impact of Coaching

Discover in 2 mins the impacts of coaching on individuals, teams and organisations with facts and indicators.

Masterclass Insight #2: Listening at a deeper level

Discover probably the most important skill when coaching. Find out in 3 mins how professional coaches listen… And how you can do the same.

Masterclass Insight #3: 8 traits of a coach

8 traits of a coach that most effectively enable higher confidence, agility in thinking and a collaborative attitude in the coachee. Jean-Francois shares for us some of his expertise gathered over 12,000 hours of experience coaching Leaders.

Who is Master Coach Jean-François Cousin?

Jean-François Cousin is a renowned global executive coach and coach trainer with over 12,000 coaching-hour experience. He is credentialed as a ‘Master Certified Coach’ by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the highest distinction in the profession. Jean-François is a global speaker and an internationally published author.

He is the 2019 Chairman of the Global Board of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

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